Hudsons of Hanover

William Hudson

William Hudson, son of Richard Hudson II and his wife Mary Bowman Hudson, was born in Henrico County, Virginia, about 1668. According to the records of Orphans Court during the years 1679 through 1689, he became of lawful age in 1689 to claim his inherited estate under guardianship of one Thomas Pouland, he being the remaining orphan of Richard Hudson Sr, deceased.

He inherited by the will of his father, dated October 25 , 1669, a share of the lands known as "Roxdale," and probably retained his inheritance throughout the remaining years of his lifetime. There appear to be no remaining records for Henrico County to determine otherwise, or to indicate further acquisition, or sale, of any real property.

William died intestate during the month of November, 1701, and the inventory and appraisement of his estate was made on the 27th day of November, and returned to Court February 2, 1702 by his widow, Elizabeth Hudson, executrix of her deceased husband. Items of personal property listed included a carbine rifle, a pair of pistols, a sword, and spurs, indicating the possibility of his engagement in military, or militia activity, which was common duty of that era.

At some period in time, prior to 1710, Elizabeth Hudson had remarried, as records for Henrico County may imply. The contents of available records being incomplete, faded, or parts wholly illegible, also indicate that there were minor children with no reference to names or identification that was discernible.

From existing records, and knowledge gained through research in collecting circumstantial evidence, a listing of the children of William and Elizabeth Hudson is included below.

The Children of Willam and Elizabeth Hudson
William Hudson abt 1688
Christopher Hudson abt 1690
John Hudson abt 1692 Elizabeth Harris
Capt. Charles Hudson abt 1694 Sarah Ann Royall

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