Richard C. Hudson

Richard C. "Dr. Dick" Hudson (twin to Martin), was born 1827 in North Springs, District 4, Jackson County, Tennesse. He died January 19, 1893, Gatewood, Ripley County, Missouri. He married about 1846 in Macon County, Tennessee, Nancy Adaline "Adie" Pipkin. Adie was born 1825 in Macon County, Tennessee. (Her parents were Lewis Pipkin and Susanna Dalton Young.)

Dick and Adie traveled from Macon County, Tennessee to Ripley County, Missouri in a covered wagon and settled at Gatewood in time for the 1850 census. In Ripley County Richard was active in community affairs, an early County Judge, a large landholder, and a Pioneer Doctor as well. He was dubbed, "Dr. Dick."

Dr. Dick wrote his last will and testament on October 21, 1892. He appointed his younger brother, "Easy Obe," and his son, Miles P., to be executors of his will. In settling his estate, his real property was assessed at a little over $2,000 and his personal property at about $800. His will was probated in Ripley County on January 24, 1893.

Except for his town lot in Gatewood and some personal property, including a cow called, Mollie, which were to go to Mahala, his estate was to be divided equally among his nine children. Dr. Dick also had several hundred dollars in accounts receivable "for value received," apparently from treating patients, most of which were determined uncollectable.

Nancy preceded him in death and the date of her death is not known. Richard is believed to be buried in Gatewood Cemetery without a headstone. His funeral expenses were $14.48. Most of Richard and Nancy's children were married in Ripley County.

Children of Dr. Dick and Adie Pipkin Hudson
Susan Elizabeth Hudson 2 Feb 1848, TN William Augustine Lowry, Jr.
Mary "Polly" Dewitt Hudson Oct 1849, TN Wiley Barton Hudson
Smith Barlow Hudson 7 Mar 1852, Gatewood Melinda Tennessee Foshee
Sarah "Sally" Emmaline Hudson 30 Mar 1855, Gatewood John Thomas Smith
Nancy Jane Hudson 14 May 1857, Gatewood George Washington Banks
Miles P. Hudson 28 Jul 1859, Gatewood Lucinda "Cindy" ???
Young P. Hudson 18 Aug 1861, Gatewood Nancy C. Smith
Cora N. L. McKinney
Dora M. ???
Roseann Arilla "Rosa Riller" Hudson 14 Mar 1866, Gatewood Dr. John Calvin Cochran
Mahala "Haley" Parthenia Hudson 26 Jun 1868, Gatewood Pleasant "Ples Levi" Smith

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    Lucinda Hudson

Lucinda Hudson was born May 10, 1834 in North Springs, District 4, Jackson County, Tennessee. She died January 7, 1892, near Gatewood, Ripley County, Missouri. She Married Ezekiel "Zeke" D. Smith March 3, 1850, in Gainesboro, White County (now Jackson Co.), Tennessee. Zeke was born May 10, 1826, in White County, Tennessee and died May 26, 1913 in Ripley County, Missouri. His parents were William Thomas "Tom" Smith and Sarah "Sally" York(?).

Her family graves and markers are in the Ezekiel Smith Cemetery located on private land owned in 1977 by Homer Smith. It is situated behind Tucker Store in Tucker, Ripley County, Missouri and no longer in use. Only two markers remain.

"Lucinda (Hudson) Smith...,was the sister of Obediah Hudson. They lived in Macon County, Tennessee until...they came to Ripley County, Missouri in 1868. They lived in her brother's (Obadiah, Obe Hudson), cabin until they could take up land and build their own home. Their first eight children were born in Tennessee and two others in Missouri. Ezekiel was a Union Soldier during the Civil War.

"Zeke Smith and Dobson Barton, husband of Rebecca Ann Hudson, were half brothers, but the maiden name of their mother is unknown." (Valda Hudson Raugh) Possibly, Sarah York.

"William Avry and Ezekiel Hudson, grandsons of Lucinda (Hudson) Smith, who was a sister to Eliza's dad, Obediah, had businesses there (Oklahoma). Avry was a blacksmith and Ezekiel operated a general store. Alma Hudson, their sister, also lived there and was married to Bedford Griggs. Many Hudson descendants still live in the central portion of Oklahoma." (Donald Smith)

Children of Lucinda Hudson and Ezekiel Smith
Delilah Smith 17 Aug 1851, Macon Co., TN Austin Lowrey
Bishop Lewis Lowry
James Thomas "Tom" Smith 27 Nov 1853, Macon Co., TN ??? Johnson
Susan A. (Paatterson) Fouchee
Melissa S. Smith Oct 1855, Macon Co., TN William "Bill" Louis Hudson
Martha Catherine "Kate" Smith 9 Feb 1857, Macon Co, TN Marmaduke, "Duke" D. Smithson
Nathan "Nath" Smith 12 Jul 1862, Red Boiling Springs,
Macon Co., TN
Lucy Crim
Winfield Scott Smith 22 May 1863, Red Boiling Springs,
Macon Co., TN
Nancy "Nanny" L. Gholson
Malinda "Linda" Ann Smith 1866, Macon Co., TN Samuel "Sam" D. Lowry
Sarah Elizabeth Smith abt 1868, Ripley Co., TN Charles Worley
William Obadiah "Obe" Smith Oct 1878, Ripley Co., MO Susan "Sousa" Harris
Susan Addieville Smith 17 Sep 1880, Ripley Co., MO Ambrose Dee Mercer, Sr.

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    Obadiah Hudson IV

Obadiah "Easy Obe"* Hudson IV was born April 25, 1839 in Jackson County, Tennessee and died February 7, 1911, at Ponder, Ripley County, Missouri. On April 6, 1866, in Perryville, Perry County, Missouri he married Miss Parthenia Ellen Robertson. Parthenia was born January 13, 1846, in Perry County, Missouri and died September, 29, 1925, in Ripley County, Missouri. Both are buried in Ponder Church of Christ Cemetery, Ponder, Ripley Co., Missouri. Her parents were William Abner Robertson, and Jane Ellen Erwin.

Obadiah, with his brother, James, came from Tennessee to Perry County, Missouri to visit with their brother, Dr. Dick, about 1860. He filed for land in Ripley County, but was unable to proceed because of the Civil War. After the war and marriage, he returned to Ripley County and gained title to his homestead in January, 1868.

On April 30, 1864 he joined the Union Army, as a private in Company B, 64th Regiment of the Missouri Militia. He was a member only a few months when he incurred an illness.

He was conveyed to the William Abner Robertson home on Cedar Fork of the Saline River, near Cedar Fork Methodist Church, and attended by Parthenia, Robertson's daughter. In such close proximity, they apparently fell in love and later married. He was discharged after his recovery on December 1, 1864.

"Easy Obe" and Parthenia made their home and farmed in Saline Township, Perry County, Missouri. They relocated about 1874 and settled in the vicinity of Ponder, Ripley County, Missouri. Near Ponder, Obadiah owned about a half section of land, plus other properties, on which he farmed and raised live stock.

A Christian man, he was an Elder of the Church of Christ and built a Church of Christ at Dry Fork, one half mile west of Ponder, where the road forked. According to Olin Hudson, his grandson, Obadiah was a man of considerable size, at least six feet tall. He had blond hair, blue eyes, and shaved clean. On the occasion of his death he had the distinction of being the first man interred in Ponder Church of Christ Cemetery.

The Last Will and Testament of Obadiah Hudson was sworn in Ponder, Ripley County, Missouri, July 26, 1910. In it he appointed his son, S. P. Hudson, as executor. He bequeathed all his real and personal property to his beloved wife, Parthenia E. Hudson.

Upon her death the remaining properties should be divided among his children: Mellie M. Hudson, to receive most of the land; J. M. Hudson, Silas P. Hudson, and A. G. Hudson, the remainder of the estate; horses and farming tools, divided jointly. Nancy J. Wilson, Eliza A. Smith, Martha E. Smithson, and W. F. Hudson five dollars each. Melly M. Hudson and Minnie M. Elmore were bequeathed all the cattle, hogs, sheep, household items, and all other property not mentioned.

* In reference to the nickname "Easy Obe," I assumed it must have been his disposition. Many of the older people I knew coming from that part of the country were, as we now call it, "laid back," not in too much of a hurry, and took things as they came.

I knew Scott Smith, the great-grandson of Obe's sister, Lucinda (Hudson) Smith and he was as slow in action as they come. They tell the story of when a wagon rolled up on his foot and it took him five minutes to tell the gentleman, "please move your wagon, it's on my foot." He owned a small store and bought cream in the little town where I grew up, Carney, OK. (Don Smith)

Children Obediah Hudson IV and Parthenia Robertson
James Martin Hudson 17 Jun 1869, Perry Co. Martha Clementine
"Clemmie" Tucker
Nancy Jane Hudson 27 Nov 1870, Perry Co. David L. "Booge" Wilson
Eliza Ann Hudson 19 Dec 1872, Perry Co. James "Jim" A. Smith
William "Will" Franklin Hudson Jan 1875, Ripley Co. Esther Irene Samp
Myrtle Ann Williams
Martha "Matt" Ellen Hudson 13 Apr 1876, Ponder, Ripley Co. Alonzo Stephen Smithson
Silas "Si" Philbert Hudson 17 May 1878, nr Ponder, Ripley Co. Elba Ann McKinney
Ananias Gilbert Hudson 26 Mar 1880, Ripley Co. Mollie E. Raney
Minnie Mae Hudson 5 Feb 1882, Ripley Co. Albert Tilden Elmore
Bessie Hudson 1884, Ripley Co. d. at age fourteen
Mellie May Hudson 6 Feb 1889, Ponder, Ripley Co. Marion "Jack" Glass

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