Introduction (Scottish History)
The Robertsons claim lineage from King Malcolm II (AD 1005 to 1034), who descended from Kenneth MacAlpine, first king of the Picts and Scots. Duncan of Atholl, born a few generations later, became the first Clan Chief. This Duncan, or Donnachaidh (pronounced "Donachie."), was a friend of Robert Bruce and led the Clan at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.

Robert, a son of Duncan and named after Robert Bruce, became the ancestor of the Robertsons of Struan, who are considered the oldest family in Scotland. Other branches of the Clan descended from other sons. The name Robertson was taken to honor the 4th Chief, Robert Ruadh, a later descendant, who was made famous when he captured the assassins of King James in 1437.

The Clan, noted for loyalty to the Stuarts, fought for King Charles I, in the "rising" of 1688, for the Old Pretender in 1715, and in 1745 for Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Led by Robertson of Woodsheal, the Clan took part in the last battle on English soil in April 1746 where many clansmen gave their lives on the battlefield of Culloden Moor. After Culloden many of the Clan migrated to America, particularly the southern states.

(Condensed from the Clan Donnachaidh Society)

William Abner Robertson

William Abner Roberson, was born 24 March 1817 in South Carolina. He died 30 November 1903 in Perry County, Missouri.

About 1825 he moved with his parents to Limestone County, Alabama, where he grew up. There he married Miss Jane Erwin, born 9 June 1820. She was the daughter of James and Rosanna (McCurgan) Erwin.

About 1838 Abner and Jane headed west with the Erwins and settled on Cedar Fork of the Saline River in Perry County, Missouri. They homesteaded land in Perry County, Missouri where Cedar Fork Church now stands. They were devout Methodists and lived in Perry County the rest of their lives.

A Friend wrote of him: "William Abner Robertson died at the home of his son, Edward [Francis Edward], on Cedar Fork November 30, 1903 at the age of 86 years, 8 months and 4 days.

The deceased was born in South Carolina and moved with his parents, when he was 8 years old, to Alabama, where he grew to manhood. In Alabama he married Miss Jane Erwin, daughter of James and Rosanna Erwin.

About the year 1837 or 1838 he started with his father-in-law and their families on an overland trip to the then far west to seek their fortunes. They settled on Cedar Fork, Perry County, Missouri where he has resided up to his death.

When he was about 30 years of age he was converted to the Methodist Episcopal Church to which he has lived a faithful member.

He died as he lived, a true Christian. He fulfilled the office of Sunday School Superintendent, class leader, steward, and almost all the offices a lay member is eligible in the Methodist Episcopal Church.

He was the father of eleven children, five daughters and six sons (All were living at the time of his death, except the oldest son and daughter.).

His remains were laid to rest in the Cedar Fork Cemetery. Peace to his memory."

(Letters of Olin Hudson from Martha Nelle Hudson Crawford)

Children of William Abner and Jane Erwin Robertson
Child Birth Date Spouse
Marion James Robertson 23 Aug 1837, AL Sarah ???
Elizabeth ???
Mary Voelkner
Eliza Jane Robertson 12 Dec 1839, Perry Co., MO ?
John Thomas Robertson 5 Sep 1843, Perry Co., MO Theresa Nunson
Sarah B. ???
Parthenia Ellen Robertson 13 Jan 1846, Perry Co., MO Obadiah Hudson
Rosanna Ellen Robertson 22 Nov 1848, Perry Co., MO William James Munson
Nancy A. M. Robertson 22 April 1851 William Dunleave Ellis
William B. Robertson Sep 1853, Perry Co., MO Victoria J. ???
Hannah Eveline Robertson 25 Feb 1856, Perry Co., MO Tom Nanny
George. W. Robertson 23 Nov 1859, Perry Co., MO Hun McNew
Sarah Ellis
Menrietts Skaggs
Francis Edward Robertson 4 May 1860, Perry Co., MO Bernie Vell Voelkner


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