In the old days, around 1790, up in the northwestern end of South Carolina was the Cherokee Indian Country. Bordering the Cherokee Indian District was the 96th District where all the early Skeltons in South Carolina lived.

Later, when South Carolina was separated into counties, all the Skeltons in the state came from counties that comprised the old 96th District or counties that replaced the Cherokee Indians country.

It appears most Skeltons migrated from South Carolina into Georgia, but our Skeltons migrated to Illinois, first to Hamilton County, and later to Gallatin County.

One, Thomas Skelton, who died 1828 in South Carolina, had nine children. A son, William Skelton, who was born about 1773 in the Pendleton District, South Carolina, married Martha ???. William and Martha had nine children.

Children of Thomas Skelton
Child Birth Date Spouse
William Skelton abt 1773, Pendleton Dst., SC Martha ???
dau Skelton abt 1777, Union Co., SC ?
Archieblad Skelton 1777, Union Co., SC Sarah Brown
John T. Skelton 1779, Union Co., SC ?
Robert Skelton abt 1782 ?
Hosea Skelton abt 1787, SC ?
Zadock Skelton abt 1788, Newberry Co., SC Katherine Conwill
Mrs. Sarah Susannah Fuller
dau Skelton abt 1792, SC ?
Thomas C. Skelton 13 Sep 1780, Union Co., SC Elizabeth Morrow

Children of William and Martha Skelton
Child Birth Date Spouse
Ewell Skelton ? ?
Solomon Skelton abt 1793, Pendleton Co., SC Mitty Gentry
dau Skelton abt 1795, SC ?
Jeremiah Skelton 1797 Pendleton Dist, SC Anna Hughes
Susannah Hayes
William Skelton, Jr. abt 1798, Penldeton Dist., SC Eleanor Looper
dau Skelton abt 1800, SC ?
Richard Skelton abt 1800-10, Pendleton Dist, SC Katherine Conwill
Mrs. Sarah Susannah Fuller
Mark Keener Skelton abt 1805 Pendleton Dist., SC Elizabeth Huston
Thomas Asa Skelton abt 1822, Anderson Co., SC Elizabeth R. Vernon

William and Martha's second son, Solomon Skelton, was born about 1794 in South Carolina, according to census records. He was first listed on the rolls of the 1830 census, in Anderson County.

In a line of enlistees of the Black Hawk War, 1831-1832, Solomon Skelton, from South Carolina, is listed, indicating he had recently arrived from South Carolina. He was appointed 4th Corporal 2nd Co., 2nd Bat., 3rd Reg., First Brigade Illinois Mtd. Vols, which suggests he had previous military experience. His residence was in Hamilton County, just north of Gallatin County, Illinois. He later relocated in Gallatin County in time for the 1840 census.

Children of Solomon and Martha Gentry Skelton
Child Birth Date Spouse
Elizabeth Skelton 4 Mar 1814, Pendleton Dist., SC John B. Hale
Barnabas G. Skelton 21 Dec 1815, SC Ann C. Davis
Martha A. Patillo
Martha Skelton 8 Aug 1817, Pendleton Dist., SC James Reynolds
Zillpha Skelton 30 Ma4 1819, Anderson Co, SC James Shain
Mary Ann Skelton 21 Jan 1821, Penldeton Dist., SC ?
Stacy Elizabeth Skelton 30 Dec 1822, Pendleton Dist, SC A. Trousdale
William R. Gregg
Isaa Etta J. M. Skelton 9 Dec 1824, Pendleton Dist, SC David Westbrook
William John Skelton 5 Mar 1827, SC Anna Westbrook
Harrison Earl Skelton 16 May 1829, Pendleton Dist, SC ?
Sarah Whitner Skelton 13 Feb 1831, Pendleton Dist, SC Thomas Y. Reynolds
Susan Skelton 12 Jun 1833 Lenson Karnes
Nancy Skelton 15 Sep 1835, IL ??? Eaton
Charles G. R. Skelton 12 Nov 1837, Shawneetown,
Gallatin Co., IL
Berthena Defur
Elizabeth J. Edwards
inf Skelton 5 Nov 1839, Gallatin Co., IL ?

Barnabas G. Skelton was born in South Carolina in 1815 and died in late summer of 1857 in Gallatin County, Illinois. He married Martha A. Patillo, September 30, 1840, in Gallatin County, Illinois. She was born about 1817 probably in Pope County, Illinois. Her parents were John S. Pattillo and Mary "Polly" (Trousdale) Sullenger.

Barnabas by occupation was a farmer and probably worked with Martha's brother, William H. Patillo, who was an engineer. According to Probate records of Gallatin County, his estate, authorized to be appraised September 8, 1857, was small and his wife, Martha, settled his affairs.

Children of Barnabas Gentry and Martha Patillo Skelton
Child Birth Date Spouse
Ann Valena Skelton 1843, Gallatin Co., IL ??? Airheart
John S. Skelton 29 Oct 1846, Gallatin Co., IL Adaline Sanders
Harriet C. Edwards
Charles R. Skelton 1849, Shawneetown, Gallatin Co., IL ?
William E. Skelton 1849, Gallatin Co., IL Mary E. Lewis
Mary Skelton 19 Feb 1851, Gallatin Co., IL Milton Edwards
Felix F. Skelton 1857, Gallatin Co., IL ?


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