The descendants of Richard III migrated from Amelia County, Virginia into North Carolina, Tennessee, and Missouri. Others relocated to Mississippi, Georgia, and Alabama. Along the way they conjoined with many other families and engendered more Hudsons of Amelia.

From this point we follow the track of our predecessors that descended from Hall Hudson. The migration route of our Hudsons led to North Carolina, then to Tennessee, and eventually to Missouri. Many of their descendants remained in various places along the way.

Those early Hudsons married into many different families. A few spouses are fairly well known and various degrees of research have been achieved on their families, but others are known only by their first names. Some are not known at all.

The wife of Hall Hudson was known simply as Elizabeth. The wife of his seventh child, Obadiah Hudson I, is recorded only as Rhoda. Obadiah Hudson II, son of Obediah I, had an unknown wife.

Obadiah Hudson III, son of Obadiah II, married Elizabeth Coons, who was born about 1800, New Madrid District, Louisiana Territory. They lived in Jackson County, Tennessee, near North Springs. There their ten children were born.


In Tennessee, six of those children married into:
Families named

Barton Beal Crabtree
Donoho Holland Smith



Their descendants joined with other families,
some of which are:

Pulliam Robertson Skelton
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