Hall Hudson

Hall Hudson was born about 1699, in Amelia County, Virginia and died there in 1778. His will was probated in 1780. He married Elizabeth, whose last name is not known, in Nottoway Parish, Amelia County, Virginia. They were apparent members of the Church of England.

Not much is known of Hall other than that found in his will and Amelia County deed records. The number of records indicate he was obviously engaged in land ventures or speculation involving large parcels.

A couple examples of land given to his boys:
1) A Gift of Deed 25 March 1770 by Hall "for natural love & affection toward my 3 sons" conveyed 150 acres to Joshua, 190 acres to Richard, and 190 acres to Obediah. Apparently eager for cash, on 17 December 1771 Joshua, Richard and Obediah sold 162 acres for £100. Richard sold 172 acres Hall gave him 20 March 1772 for £92 6/. Obediah sold the 190 acres Hall gave him 26 February 1773 for £138.

2) "A Deed of Gift made 27 Feb. 1775 by Hall Hudson Sr. of Amelia County to Hall Hudson Jr. & Peter Hudson his sons ... for the great love & affection - 100a to Hall Hudson Jr.; ... 100a to Peter Hudson ... upper 1/2 of the tract I now live on... with provision that should either die without lawful heirs then the land shall revert to the other."

The will of Hall Hudson was presented September 28, 1780 in Nottoway Parish, Amelia County, Virginia. The will, dated 13 March 1778, gave numerous household items, "1 cow and heifer, 1 sow & four shoats with increase to her and her hairs forever" to his granddaughter, Obedience Hudson. To his grandson, Noe Hudson, a feather bed, furniture and one cow and calf.

Richard received his Great Bible; Isaac, Hall Jr., Joshua, Benjamin, Joakim, Obediah, Elizabeth, and Susannah "1 Shilling each and no more of my estate." "I give unto my son, Peter Hudson 1 Negro man Guy and all the rest of my living to him and his hairs forever."

The will was witnessed by John Grey, Elizabeth Grey, Richard Ward, Robert Hudson and George Snelling and signed by Hall. Peter Hudson was appointed sole executor.

Hall and Elizabeth's children were born in Prince George County,
Virginia and Christened in Bristol Parish.
Child Birth Spouse
Isaac Hudson 7 Jul 1722 Elizabeth ???
Mary D. Hudson 27 Oct 1724 ?
Joshua Hudson 9 Jun 1727 ?
Benjamin Hudson 15 Jan 1728 ?
Hall Hudson, Jr. abt 1732 ?
Joakim Hudson 11 Feb 1733 ?
Elizabeth Hall Hudson 1734 Cuthbert Hudson
Obediah Hudson I abt 1735 Rhoda Anderson(?)
Richard Hudson abt 1737 ?
Peter Hudson abt 1740 Mary Terrell(?) Ward(?)
Susannah Hudson abt 1742 ??? Shelton

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Obediah Hudson I

Obediah Hudson I was born 1735, in Virginia and died 1785, probably in Henry County. He married Rhoda, whose last name may be Hall, because of close relationships with the Halls, about 1752 in Amelia County, Virginia. They lived in Amelia County about 20 years; also in Pittsylvania and Henry Counties.

Not many records of Obediah I exist, but his name appears various times in Amelia County tax lists. Some of those records involve land deals:

1) A Deed of Gift dated January 26, 1770 for 190 acres of land, by his father, Hall, "for natural love and affection" toward his son, Obediah, is recorded in Deed Book 11, Page 97 of Amelia County. Apparently eager for a profit Obediah on February 26, 1773 sold the same gift of 190 acres for the sum of £138.

2) In 1773 he bought 175 acres from William Robert Hinton located in the part of Pittsylvania County that became, in 1776, Henry County. He sold it back to him on August 17, 1778, about five years later.

Obediah served in the Revolutionary War as a Corporal in Captain Jonathan Hanby's Company of Virginia Militia in Pittsylvania County .

After his death, on August 18, 1802, court records show Rhoda relinquished her rights of administration in Obediah's estate as well as her interest in Obe's property. James Hudson became administrator.

Children of Obediah Hudson I
Name Birth Spouse
Hall Hudson 1753 ?
Joshua Hudson ? ?
Thomas Hudson 12 Jan 1762, Amelia Co. ?
Benjamin Hudson ? ?
Peter Hudson VA ?
Rhoda Hudson abt 1764, VA James Young
Obediah Hudson II abt 1766, VA ?
William Robert(?) Hudson ? ?

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Obediah Hudson II

Obediah Hudson II, Sr. was born in Amelia County, Virginia about 1766 and died 1851 in Jackson County, Tennessee. He married in North Carolina abt 1786. His unknown wife was born about 1760, probably in North Carolina, and died in Jackson County, Tennessee after 1840. They are apparently buried in the Hudson Cemetery, North Springs, Jackson County, Tennessee on a mound along Hudson Creek. The "O HUD 1851 stone" marks the spot.

Obediah Hudson II left Virginia and migrated to Randolph County, North Carolina. He was married there, about 1786, and raised seven children, all born in North Carolina. Sometime before 1820 he transmigrated to Jackson County, Tennessee. He settled on the headwaters of the Cave Fork of Jennings Creek, about five miles from Red Boiling Springs, where he remained and farmed until his death.

"He built his home there, which consisted of two log pens built from poplar logs hewn smooth with a broad ax. It was probably built with a 'dog trot' between the two cabins (pens) as was the style of the times." (Connie Hudson Cram)

Tradition and folklore claim he was a great hunter, woodsman and frontiersman, as well as a farmer, but never owned much land. Mark Hudson believes Ohud was a "long hunter" who spent much of his time following game on their migrations. His sons were farmers and land owners.

"It is unusual nothing is known of Obediah's wife; there is too much history about the Hudson family in the area. The Hudson's seem to have had property; the women had land; and their names are in the tax records.

My conjecture is she was an Indian and the family was not proud of her. The tradition in three families professes the story of Ohud's Indian wife. He was known as a 'hunter' and 'frontiersman,' so sounds reasonable she could have been Indian.

The story goes that when Ohud's Indian wife was old she began tearing up the floor of her home. Her family thought she was crazy and Robert and Ann (Coons) Hudson took her to live with them. They were neighbors, so she would not have been far from home. They soon discovered she was not demented, but only wanted to go back to her old way of living on dirt.

Clovis Barton Ramsey told me the Barton's said that Obediah, who married Elizabeth Coons, was half Indian; that it was common knowledge. She told me again recently that it had to be true, because she had always heard her family talk about it.

Mark Hudson of the Richard Franklin Hudson line said his great grandfather, Hutch, used to take him to Jackson County when he was young. Hutch told him the story about Obediah Sr.'s wife and said that she was of the Pawnee Tribe.

Mark also spoke of meeting Ira Meador; that they talked about their Hudson families. He said Ira's family line had the same tradition about Obediah's wife being an Indian woman, and the related story.

Ohud's wife was alive according to the 1840 census, but Mark thinks she died after Ohud. She lived with Richard and Ann. It seems no one appeared there to count in the 1850 census." (Mildred Coons Cason)

Children of Obediah Hudson II
Child Birth Spouse
Dau Hudson abt 1788 ?
Robert(?) Hudson abt 1790 ?
William "Billy" Hudson abt 1790 Sarah "Sally" Jones
Anna Hudson 1796 William "Bill" Coons
Hannah Hudson abt 1800 unmarried
Hannah and Obediah, Jr. were possible twins.
Obediah Hudson III, Jr. abt 1800 Elizabeth Coons
Richard Franklin Hudson 12 Jun 1802 Rebecca York

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Obadiah Hudson III

Obadiah Hudson III, Jr., was born abt 1800, in Randolph County, North Carolina and died before October 5, 1840, in Jackson County, Tennessee. He married, abt 1821, in Jackson County, Tennesse, Elizabeth E. Coons. "They were members of the Reformed German Church."

Obadiah was a farmer and in 1825 received a grant for 100 acres of land in Jackson County, Tennessee. In tax lists and legal papers he was called, "Obediah Hudson, Jr.," which indicates he was the son of an elder Obediah Hudson.

They lived near North Springs, Tennessee in Jackson County across the county line from Red Boiling Springs in Macon County. (Red Boiling Springs, a popular resort town of its day, once called Salt Lick Creek, lies sixty miles northeast of Nashville.)

Obadiah had no will. His son, Richard F. Hudson, and George Teal (relationship, if any, unknown), were granted letters to be executors of his estate.

(Note: In later years most Hudsons lived in the northern part of Macon County, Tennessee. The slavery question eventually divided the county and during the Civil War they were Union soldiers. The pro-slave sympathizers, who lived in the southern part, were Confederates. Many records were destroyed when the court house was burned during the war. Valda Hudson Raugh)

Children of Obe III and Elizabeth Hudson
Child Birth Spouse
Rebecca Ann Hudson 29 Jun 1822 William Dobson Barton
Rhoda Hudson Oct 1824 Matthew Beal
Richard C. "Dr. Dick" Hudson 1827 Nancy Adaline Pipkin
Martin C. Hudson 1827 Sarah Melinda Holland
Sarah Elizabeth Hudson 1828 Buckner Crabtree
Shadrich Meshack Abednego
"Shack" Hudson
Apr 1831 Francis Wilson
Lucinda Hudson 10 May 1834 Ezekiel "Zeke" D. Smith
Arilla "Riller" Hudson Apr 18, 1835 John Henry Donoho
Obadiah Hudson IV Apr 25, 1839 Parthenia Ellen Robertson
James "Jimmy" Hudson 1841 Martha "Patsy" Donoho

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