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The Patillo name appears variously as Pattillo and Pittullo. There is speculation the name came from Italy; that "the family left the Roman Empire at an early date."

A researcher of another line felt the name originated in the Roman Empire, and it was pronounced "Pittulus;" that "it is possible the family fled religious persecution in Rome and later in France."

One thing we do know is our Pittullo (Pattillo) came from Scotland. From other evidence it appears the Pittullo family had been there a long time. A man told me in Salt Lake City he came across the name in reference to the Battle of Culloden Moor.


James Pittullo, Sr.

Old James Pittullo probably immigrated to America about 1810, although he may have been there before, and likely landed at the Port of Philadelphia. He either journeyed down river or over land to southern Illinois and acquired some low priced "government land" and decided to stay.

He was probably a clerk and is said to have been a world traveler who inherited a fortune at age 21. He taught school in Pope County, Illinois and also in Grant County, Wisconsin.

James Pittullo, Sr. was born about 1768 in the East Indies, according to his son Nathaniel. He died around 1844 in Grant County, Wisconsin and was buried in Old Cass Hollow Cemetery, that has since been dug up.

James married Mary Samuels October 27, 1789 at Cannongate Parish, Edinburgh, Scotland. She was born about 1770 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her father was Alexander Samuels. She died June 27, 1808 in Edinburgh. James married again, about 1809, to Ann Drysdale, born about 1790 in Scotland.

James and Mary had three sons. When Mary died James married Ann Drysdale. Ann was not much older than the children and family tradition claims that "the boys hated their stepmother;" that Ann didn't care at all for Old James, she was only interested in his money and prestige." Their mother, Mary, was a Protestant and Ann was a Catholic, which further separated them.

James and Ann had two girls and one boy. Ann was apparently unhappy in Illinois and wanted to go back to Scotland. James wanted to stay in Illinois and wished to keep his son, James Drysdale, with him. They agreed that their son would remain with James and the money and the girls go with Ann. She took his money and the girls and returned to Scotland.

Later, without any money, Old James said, "I didn't learn to work, but I'll teach your children." And that's how James Pittullo got started teaching school.

Children of James Pittullo and Mary Samuels
Child Birth Spouse
John S. Pattillo about 1791 Mary "Polly" Sullenger
Alison Pattillo Oct 29, 1793, Edinburgh, Scot 1815 ?
Mary Pattillo Jun 16, 1796, Edinburgh, Scot ?
James Pattillo Sep 2, 1798, Edinburgh, Scot ?
Jean Wright Pattillo Mar 21, 1801, Edinburgh, Scot ?
Nathaniel Pattillo abt 1805, Edinburgh, Scot Eleanor Nelly Bowman
Children of James Pittullo and Ann Drysdale
Ann Love Pattillo Apr 22, 1810, Edinburgh, Scot ?
Grace Pattillo Apr 12, 1811, Edinburgh, Scot ?
James Drysdale Pattillo Dec 4, 1831, Golconda, IL Frances Williams


John S. Pattillo

John S. (Samuels?) Pattillo was born about 1791. He died in late fall 1839 and his estate was settled December 27, 1839 in Gallatin County, Illinois. His birth place is unknown and it is not certain that he was the son of James Pittullo and Mary Samuels.

If it is ever determined he was born in Scotland he is where he belongs, otherwise... John S. married Mary "Polly" (Trousdale) Sullinger, on April 4, 1815 in Pope County, Illinois. She was a widow with a son, Alexander Sullenger, probably named after his father.

Child of Mary Sullenger
Child Birth Spouse
Alexander T. Sullenger about 1815 ?
Alexander was registered as a Private on the 1831 - 1832 record of Blackhawk War enlistees, as "Alexander Patillo."
Children of John S. and Mary Sullenger
Martha A. Patillo abt 1817, Pope Co., IL Barnabas G. Skelton
Drusilla Patillo ? Joseph Crawford
William H. Patillo ? Martha D. Bruce
Felix Grundy Patillo ? Eleanor Elizabeth Parker
Lemuel J. Patillo Jan 7, 1825, Gallatin Co., IL Martha Dickey.
Milton G. Patillo abt 1827 Margaret E. "Patsy" Sherwood
Elizabeth D. Patillo abt 1830 James Sullivan

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