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The Amelia Line.

The Amelia Line is descended from Richard Hudson III, who was born about 1660 in Henrico County, Virginia and is named for the area where he lived, which became Amelia County, Virginia.

Our earliest Hudsons originated in England. The first to the Virginia Plantation is attributed to one Richard Hudson, born 1605 in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England. When he was 30 years old he departed London for Virginia aboard the ship, Safety, on August 10, 1635. He settled in Northampton County, Virginia.

Richard Hudson II, child of Richard and his first wife, Mary, was born about 1635 in Accomack county, Virginia. Richard II later lived in Henrico County, Virginia. His three sons migrated to other Virginia counties. Three major Hudson family branches are named for the Virginia Counties where they lived.

    Richard Hudson III: The Amelia Line
    Robert Hudson: The Chesterfield Line
    William Hudson: The Hanover Line

"Lines" are simply a convenient way to distinguish one Hudson family group from another. Within any line there may be as many other "sublines" as one wishes to simplify research.