Early Hudson ancestors are difficult to trace and hard to find, but one Henry Hudson, born about 1541 in England, is considered generation number 1 of this line.

Richard Hudson, son of William and grandson of Henry, was born in 1605, in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England. When he was 30 years old he boarded the ship, Safety, in August of 1635, and sailed to Virginia. He settled in Northampton County, Virginia, and died there in 1657.

Richard Hudson II, child of Richard and his first wife, Mary, was born about 1635 in Accomack County, Virginia. Richard II later lived in Henrico County, Virginia and died there October 25, 1669. His three sons migrated to other counties and became heads of three Hudson branches, named for the Virginia Counties where they lived:

Richard Hudson III, the first Hudson of Amelia, was born about 1660, in Henrico County, Virginia. His father died when he was a boy and Richard and his brothers were fostered by a guardian.

Years later, after receiving his inheritance and settling his business in Henrico County, Richard III left for the frontier, that later became Amelia County, Virginia and settled at Hatcher's Run around 1706.

Richard's four sons were:
Richard IV
All descendants of Richard Hudson III
are regarded as Hudsons of Amelia.


Hudson Descendants of the Amelia Line
hat We are descendants of those Hudsons, through Hall. My great grandfather, Obadiah C. Hudson, and Conrad's great great grandfathers, Richard C. Hudson and Martin C. Hudson, were brothers.

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